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Directed by Joe Stankus and Ashley Connor

IT GOES THAT QUICK is an ongoing docu-fiction project that began in 2016 with the release of "The Backseat." Since then, directors Joe Stankus and Ashley Connor have continued enlisting their family members to star as themselves in a sequence of short films.


Combining various narrative and documentary filmmaking techniques, the filmmakers encourage their non-actors to re-enact moments from their actual lives within the parameters of a set storyline that remains unknown to the performers throughout the duration of the filming. Through this process, the filmmakers hope to discover and reveal greater meanings or truths within moments that may at first appear to be simple tasks. 

The project's ultimate goal is to combine these shorts into a feature film that tracks two families over the course of a decade and witness as they tackle life's various mundanities in the face of larger themes like sickness, love, and the inevitable march of time.


...It's also kind of funny.

Individual films have previously screened at:

The New York Film Festival

The Maryland Film Festival


The New York Jewish Film Festival

The Criterion Channel

The New Hampshire Film Festival

Nitehawk Shorts Festival

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